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2 alphas who want a child + 1 omega willing to help = 1 mmm m-preg romance

Shifters Finn and Silas have been married for five years and are finally ready to start a family. But as two alphas, they need to adopt. When the adoption agency falls through, they start looking for a surrogate.

Aiden is an omega living in Vale Valley. Helping the couple become parents sounds simply right for him, especially since they’re so nice and – not to mention – gorgeous.

One rule is not to mess with Finn and Silas’s relationship… but will it work that way once they’re all living together in Vale Valley? Or will Aiden have to give up Finn and Silas once the baby is born?

Enjoy this steamy MMM mpreg romance with two alphas who love each other and just want a family, an omega who’s not supposed to fall in love, and plans that just don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

One More Than Planned is the seventh book in Season 3 of the Vale Valley series. Each book of the series can be enjoyed without reading the others. This book is approx. 43.000 words and a standalone.

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What readers think:

5* Beautiful and sweet
Kudos to all three men for having the courage to attempt this wild arrangement. It took a lot of strength of character and love for your partner to put your relationship on the line like this. Things could have gone much differently. In the end, all three found their missing pieces to make them whole. Such a beautiful sweet emotional story, and I couldn’t put it down. (complete review)

5*  I loved this book and want more!!!!