Unexpected Alpha (Unexpected 5)

Friends with benefits for years, Josh and Anthony have no desire to change the status quo of their relationship. Love isn’t an emotion they’re willing to deal with now – or take a chance on.

However, when Anthony’s old pack threatens his life and his future, Anthony must confront his past and stand up for what he believes in. He will have to challenge his father to finally claim his birthright, unable to ignore any longer what the current alpha is doing to his pack.

There’s just one problem: he can only rule if he’s mated. But where does he find a volunteer? Is Anthony willing to open himself to love or will he be stuck in a loveless relationship? And what about Josh? Is he going to take a chance and mate with Anthony?

This is the last book in the Unexpected series. 100,000 words/500 pages of M-Preg, shapeshifters, mates, vampires and wizards are waiting for you!
The books must be read in order!

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