My Review: The Altered 2 by Annabelle Jacobs

TheAltered2-final2-RGB (1)My Review: I really looked forward to Annabelle’s second book in the Lycanaeris series and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s not as high tension as the first book, but it finally reveals what’s up with Sam and Ash.

Ash has a lot of stuff to work through, and Annabelle does a really good job to bring over his feelings and fears. Sam can’t deal with being human after he’s been a wolf for so long, but for Ash, he’ll work through emotions that were muted while he was in his shifted form. These two have a lot of obstacles to overcome, until they have their happy end and the hot sex. Don’t forget about the hot, rough shifter sex. Yep.

So, a solid five star read for me (and not just because of the sex. 🙂 )

5***** stars out of 5

*I received the book in exchange for a honest review.*

Get your copy here: Amazon US

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