My Review: Love Spell by Mia Kerick

Photo-2My Review: Mia Kerick’s love spell is something different. I’m not used to YA, so this might have influenced  my views on this story as well. (But not in a bad way!!)

Chance is a character who’s a bit hard to understand because of his gender questions. He’s searching so hard to find a label for himself, he totally loses who he is. He doesn’t fit into a box, and that’s what is making him even more lovable. I admit I had the strong urge to hug him and tell him he’s beautiful the way he is. (and, just for the record, I’m using the pronoun ‘he’ freely here. Chance doesn’t fit into a gender box, and I mean absolutely no disrespect when using ‘he’ here.)

The struggles Chance goes through every day, the questions about his gender, his box, are sometimes really painful to read, but then, so are Chance’s attempts to make Jazz fall in love with him. He just doesn’t realize the most important point in the whole article about making a man fall in love with you. (no, I’m not telling what that is, I don’t want to spoil anything). It takes nearly losing everything before he realizes his mistakes.

A sweet Coming of Age story, even if Chance’s self doubts are hard to read sometimes.

4,5 stars of 5


*I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.*

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