The Foreman from J.T. Hall

Today I have the great pleasure to introduce you to a writer friend, J.T. Hall. She published The Foreman recently and you’ll find info and an excerpt here.

Please read and enjoy





Title: The Foreman
Author: J.T. Hall
Genre: Short M/M Contemporary (bear/twink, some domination/submission)

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Tim’s got a problem with his new job as a carpenter. His foreman, Gary Zucker, is just too damned sexy. With a mustache, hairy arms, and a solid gut, Gary exudes power and confidence, and it’s driving Tim crazy. When Gary notices Tim’s attraction, he figures it’s all over. The foreman will probably fire him for having the wrong kind of wood.

Then Gary surprises him. He shows he knows how to be the boss in more than one way. The question remains if this will be a one time thing, or something more. Tim’s got one chance to show the man how good he can be, before his dream man slips through his fingers.


“You realize I’m probably fifteen years older than you,” Gary said, leaning even closer, so that their lips were only inches apart. Tim swore the guy must be able to hear the pounding of his heart by now.
“Don’t care,” Tim whispered. He licked his lips, feeling hot and cold shivers going through him, almost desperate to be touched. “It’s the mustache,” he added impulsively. “I really like it.”
Gary responded with a deep rumble in his chest, almost like a purr, as he closed the distance between them. They kissed, hot tongues sliding together, slightly scratchy brush of hair against Tim’s lips contrasting with the softness of moist lips. Tim groaned, longing to reach over and grab Gary’s hand, but he forced himself to stay still, communicating his need only through their kisses.
When the kiss ended, Gary chuckled. “Should have just said so. Just this for now. Anything else will have to wait until work’s over.” He stroked Tim again, no nonsense this time, fist pumping his dick hard, demandingly.
Tim bit his lip to keep from crying out. Too much, too fast. He could feel his control slipping away. He nodded as Gary continued to jerk him off, feeling it approaching, the intensity making his eyes water. With a soft cry, he thrust up into Gary’s fist. Hot cum splashed over the foreman’s hand, and onto Tim’s jeans as the waves of pleasure ripped through him. A second pulse, and then a third; his orgasm finally passed, and left him panting for breath.
Just as Tim started to come back down to reality, Gary roughly wiped his hand on Tim’s jeans, making him jump. He stared at the foreman wide-eyed, trying to process what had just happened.
“Get yourself together and be back on the job.” Gary’s tone allowed no argument. Tim stared at the man, wondering if he was angry. With a grunt, Gary hitched up Tim’s jeans.
Then he stalked back over to the worksite, leaving Tim still woozy with the aftershocks.
For a moment, all Tim could do was stare at Gary’s retreating back, appreciating the curve of Gary’s ass as he walked. He blinked, and tucked himself back in, fixing his underwear and zipping up the fly. Had that really happened? Tim looked at himself in the rearview mirror, at the sweat beading his upper lip, the look of shock on his face. He wiped off the sweat with his shirt, feeling boneless. Spent.
Back to the job, boss had said. Reluctantly, Tim climbed out of the truck and slammed the door shut.
So what happened now?


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