Midwinter Flash- The House of Manlove Blog Hop

Welcome to our Midwinter Flash Blog Hop!

My flash is featuring the characters from my last release, Grenzen.


A Winter Weekend

“Hey Ryan.” Julian pressed a kiss to my cold lips. “Wow, is it that cold outside?” He was running around in a T-shirt in the warm apartment, while I was still wearing my parka. I pulled him close, so the cold would seep through the thin fabric of his shirt.

Julian shivered in my embrace.

Yes, it was really cold outside. He had opted to stay at home while I ran some errands today. Normally we did this together, but not today.

Julian waited while I got rid of my parka, and my woolen cap, and then he pulled me into the living room. A fire was roaring in the fireplace. I stepped close to the flames and held my hands as near as I dared.

Julian stepped behind me and wrapped his arms around my middle, pulling me backwards against his chest. “What do you think—“ he murmured in my ear, “let’s get away a few days?”

“Next week?” He had some free days then.

“Mmmhh.” Julian’s lips found a path down my neck to my shoulder. I shivered under the beard stubble running over my skin. The distraction made it hard to think.

“Where do—“ I paused, tried to find the right words, “do you want to go?”

He raised his head a little, stopped the kissing for a moment. “I’ll surprise you. I kind of already booked, so all you have to do is to say yes.”

I laughed, then moaned as his lips and teeth found my skin again. “You already booked?” Without asking me if I could get a few days off?”

“Yeah, but you’ve been working a lot of overtime the last months, so I figured you’d get off a Monday. I just booked Saturday to Monday, so it’ll be one day, not more.”

He got back to his task of driving me nuts with his lips. One of his hands pressed my hip a bit back, and his hard-on made contact with my ass. He rubbed against me, letting me feel how aroused he already was. Not that I was doing better, my own lust already close to the surface.

“Come on. We’ll go to bed.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He shivered and his lips stilled for a moment on my shoulder. “You know me entirely to well.”

I chuckled quietly. “Yes. And you love it.”

“That I do.” He turned me around and kissed me. His tongue in my mouth, his hands roaming hot over my body, and I already started to float. Subspace was close these days, but given how often we played, that was no surprise.

“Come on, I want you naked.”

I nodded and he led me to our bedroom.


A few days later when we drove south, away from Nuremberg, I still had no idea where we’d go. It wouldn’t be something far away, as the time was too short, but since the only thing he told me was to pack a couple of nice clothes, I had no clue what he had planned. I would know soon, though.

Julian drove, like always. I was not going to learn how to drive a stick on icy streets. I was from Arizona. We didn’t have ice-rain or snow back home. And we had automatic cars.

We talked about a lot of things during the drive, his job as a teacher, my new one, the colleagues, all the everyday shit. On the inside I was dying because of curiosity, but I bit my tongue. Julian wanted to surprise me. I wasn’t going to spoil the fun.

We passed Munich and an hour later, we were close to the Alps. I had seen them the day I arrived the first day in Germany, but the times after that it had been to cloudy to get a glimpse.

Now they loomed close, much bigger than from the airport, and much more important, they were full of snow.

He isn’t going to…? Skiing? No, please not.

Julian was already tackling the first slope. How the hell was I going to survive a weekend skiing? I had seen it on TV, but I had never tried it. Hell, the first time I saw snow was a few months back when I came to Germany.

I was so lost in thought how I could tell my boyfriend that skiing was not a good idea without ruining his weekend, that I completely missed the drive into the mountains. I looked up when he pulled into a parking lot, next to dozens of other cars. People in snowsuits walked around, their steps looking strange and stiffly because of the heavy boots. Since they were carrying their ski over their shoulders, the shoes must be the ones you’d need to drive them. Fuck. Not good.

I was going to look like an idiot.

“Come on, let’s check in.” I couldn’t ignore the gleam in his eyes as he watched the other people skillfully drive down the slope, snow flying in every direction, and then, with one last, hard swing, come to a stop a few feet in from of the fence.

I followed Julian out of the car and into a cozy looking house. He exchanged a few words with the woman behind the counter and she pointed in a few directions. I had no idea what they were talking about, so I tuned them out.

A few minutes later, Julian led me to a room on the first floor. He dropped the bag he had been carrying on the bed, and ordered, “Strip.”

I did, I knew better than not to obey. And I was in the mood to play, so I would follow his order to the word.

I got rid of my clothes and stood shivering in the room. He stepped close, kissed me, his tongue playing with mine. I got hard, my cock perking to attention. But instead of doing something about it, Julian stepped back and handed me clothes out of his bag. A snowsuit. Shit.

“Julian, I can’t ski. I have never tried it.” I looked at him, waited for him to register my words.

But he smiled at me. “I know. I figured you didn’t. That is why I made a different arrangement.”

Different? How?

“Just put on your clothes and then we’ll see, okay?” I did. He wouldn’t disappoint me. And he wouldn’t be disappointed in me, then.

We emerged a few minutes later, both in snowsuits, caps, mittens and warm shoes. Julian led me through the house to the side entrance, where a man with a caterpillar vehicle waited. I stopped when I spotted the sturdy wooden sleds attached.

“They are going to drive us up the hill, we can have a drink or two in the cabin up there, and then we’ll drive the sled back down. It’s really fun!” He smirked, probably because of my expression. “Did you really think I’d make you ski?”

“Mhh.” I blushed.

“Come here, you.” He kissed me full on the lips. “Let’s have a day sled-driving, and tonight I have planned something else for you.”

I smiled. That was my man.



If you want to know all of their story, Grenzen is available at all the usual distributors. On the My Books page are all the links. 🙂

A part of my royalties from December’s sales go to Lost-n-Found Youth in Atlanta, GA.

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