New plotting of my novel More

My novel with the working title More has given me some troubles lately. It just didn’t feel right, and at about 16000 words, I had no real clue how to go on.
So I sat down the last days and drawed. I’ve heard other say they do this with a program, but my mind refuses. I need a pen, and a paper, and then I can start.

I listed the main characters, the plot and the subplots (four!! at this point).
Then I started drawing in which connection the characters are to each other.
I’m working with four equal protagonists, so that alone is sometimes a bit confusing.
My working sheet looked like this when I was done:


Nice, isn’t it?

But I wasn’t done. I started jotting down notes on possible scenes. That was another page:


Now I think I figured out where I need to tweak a little in order for this story to work. I’ll have to expand a few scenes, cut others (I HATE cutting already written scenes) and overall rework it.

I’ll keep you updated how it goes and if my protagonists behave a bit better now (or not, depending on what I want them to do… 😉 )

Wish you all a good day!


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