Awesome Metal fans in Germany

Last weekend 75,000 Metal fans visited Wacken to celebrate the Wacken: Open: Air 2014.

Now, when you think of Metal fans, you think of everything, but not blood cancer. But then, when you think about one of the biggest Metal Open Airs, you  wouldn’t think of a small town in Germany. But the citizens of Wacken are helping to organize this event, and it’s one of the most beautiful, and most peaceful around the world.

This year there was an unusual action during Wacken 2014:

A huge typing campaign in the fight against blood cancer. The daughter of one of the initiators is sick, and she needs a donor in order to survive. Maybe one of the thousands that were willing to get registered is a fitting blood match, and she has a chance. I hope so.

I just find it awesome to use such a festival to reach so many people and find some potential donors, even if it was held because of personal reasons. The database of potential donors has now thousands of new blood examples. If only one person can be saved now, great. Even more? Better.

I wish the girl all the best. May they find a fitting donor.


And if you think about visiting Wacken 2015, it’s already sold out. 🙂




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