NEW RELEASE!! Unexpected Alpha

I’m so happy to finally share Josh and Anthony’s story with you!

It’s been a long time since I released the previous Unexpected book, but now, after over 1,5 years of writing time, it’s finally here!!

I hope you’ll love their story as much as I do!

There are three things Josh and Anthony agree on:
1. They’re just friends, even if they end up in bed together every now and then
2. Neither of them wants a relationship or, even worse, being mated
3. Kids are nice, as long as they’re not their own.

But as the saying goes, things always turn out differently than you think.

Anthony is facing the hardest fight of his life, one he never wanted to fight.
And Josh? Is he willing to sacrifice his free life to save himself and his friends?

The last book in the Unexpected series. 100,000 words/500 pages of M-Preg, shapeshifters, mates, vampires and wizards are waiting for you!
The books must be read in order!

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