Review: An Unlocked Heart (Collars and Cuffs #1) by K.C. Wells

unnamed-4I got a tattoo last week and somehow, I thought it would be a good idea to read something that would catch my attention and keep me entertained during the long appointment (I can’t talk much, since my artist works on my back). It was not one of my better ideas. All the time, I feared my artist would look over my shoulder and faint, leaving me with a huge, black line over my back (spoiler: everything went well.) I also couldn’t bring myself to switch book and leave this beautiful world KC Wells creates. Then I had to tell my artist a couple of times my goose bumps were because it was cold even when I wasn’t. I also experienced hot flushes that had nothing to do with the needle on my back.

The connection between Leo and Alex was stunning, even though they annoyed me when they were dancing around their feelings without noticing their love. Unlocked Heart is a beautiful lovestory about two men who need each other, told beautifully by a very talented author.

5 Stars from me.


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