Saying Goodbye

This week, we have to say goodbye to not one, but two outstanding persons. On Saturday, the funeral for Lemmy Kilmister took place, and today, we have to bid our farewells to David Bowie.

The world lost two outstanding musicans, two unique artists. They both moved the world with their music and were icons for so many of us. I grew up with David’s music, later I discovered Lemmy as well (somehow my parents were NOT thrilled). In their music, I found a home, a place where I could be myself. With singing what I couldn’t say out loud, with giving me the music to dream to, to cry to, to celebrate to, they’ll have a place in my heart forever. Now I’m crying again as I write these words. As always, I will find peace in Motörhead and David’s music, but it won’t ever be the same.

We say goodbye to two great men. You will be missed greatly, and we will never forget you.

Rock on, wherever you are. Thank you for giving your music to us. The world is a darker place now.


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