M/M Scavenger Hunt

MM Veterans Day Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the†MM Veterans Day Scavenger Hunt

Today I am hosting Bike Book Reviews!

I asked Rebecca a few questions:

How did you get into m/m?
I was bored with the Mf books I was reading, same stuff different title tongue emoticon, so I was looking through Amazon and saw Compromised; Uniformity 1 by Ethan Stone, bought it, and haven’t looked back

How do you pick the books you read?
I get submissions and blog tour requests, and just go by what I am my quests reviewers will like, I do a lot of promo too.

What so you hate most in books?
What I hate most in books is Cheating, I just can’t abide a cheater, there are a few books where I can overlook it but if someone cheats 4 or 5 times and is forgiven, nope not for me

And what do you love?
I love chemistry in a book, raw, instant, powerful chemistry, you can’t go wrong with a story with chemistry like that!

Rapid Fire Q&A

  1. Chocolate (is there any other flavor :P)
  2. Coke
  3. Morning
  4. Tea
  5. Winter

Follow the Scavenger Hunt for more chances to win!

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