Chris’s Reading Corner/ My Reviews

I’m an avid reader myself and decided to share my thoughts about the books I’ve read with you.
Please note that this is my opinion, and if you disagree, you’re welcome to do that, but please in a respectful manner.

The books I review are some I regularly buy, some that are offered as ARCs and for some I participate in events like Goodreads Don’t Buy My Love. If you want me to review your book, please shoot me an email or find me on facebook.

I just started reviewing, but I’m expecting the list to grow fast.

I’m currently reading:
Joy Lynn Fielding ‘Blowing Off Steam’
Savannah Smythe ‘Lexington Black’
Raine O’Tierney & Debbie McGowan ‘Leaving Flowers’
Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese ‘Midsummer’
Liv Olteano ‘A Tooth for a Fang’
Liv Olteano ‘A Counselor Among Wolves’
Chris T. Kat ‘Despite the Odds’

Lexi Ander ‘Twin Flames’ Sumerian’s Sons #1
Lexi Ander ‘Songs of the Earth’ Sumerian’s Sons #2
Annabelle Jacobs ‘The Altered’
H. Lewis-Foster ‘When The Band Came To Town’
Jay Northcote ‘The Marrying Kind’
Jay Northcote ‘The Dating Game’
EE Montgomery ‘Just The Way You Are’
Lexi Ander ‘Dreams of the Forgotten’ (Sumeria’s Sons #3)
Lisa Oliver ‘Get Off My Case’
Laura Harner ‘Cliff’s Edge’
Mia Kerick ‘Love Spell’

Coming soon:

Lexi Ander ‘A New Beginning’
B.J. Sheppard ‘The Rainbow Connection Vol. 1’


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