BookBlast: Wildness by Mario Lipinski


Author Name: Mario Kai Lipinski

Book Name: Wildness

Release Date: December 18, 2015


Dr. Åke Jörgensson is a scientist from Sweden whose invention of almost instant travel to any part of the universe will revolutionize space flight.

Khitain is a N’tari, a panther-like alien serving aboard a human space ship, and Åke’s boyfriend of three months.

On Christmas, they visit Åke’s parents for the first time. As if meeting his in-laws weren’t stressful enough, feelings of inadequacy and fear haunt Khitain. His N’tari descent makes him a killing machine, and one wrong move could wipe out what is dearest to him. Åke, however, has to deal with his family’s ignorance and Khitain’s reluctance to let go of his restraint.

When something terrible happens during their Christmas Morning walk, the situation gets out of hands.

Can love span even light years?

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Two New Releases: Expanding Horizons and Maddy Christmas

For some odd reason, I didn’t post on Friday, so you’ll get the news (if you haven’t seen already) today. I have two new releases for you, the second book in the ‘Love in Germany’ Series and our slightly nutty Anthology Maddy Christmas. Please check them out. I’m looking forward to your reviews and thoughts about it.

Design Concept 1 - b

Santa’s Naughty Elf by Harper Jewel:
Playing Santa in the local department store should be an easy way to make a few extra bucks, shouldn’t it? That’s what Brock Daniels, a victim or corporate downsizing, thought when he took the job at Larson’s. Once he finds out a handsome ginger—his one weakness—will be playing Santa’s elf, easy becomes complicated, even if it’s an enjoyable snag.

When Paul Martens discovers who’ll be playing Santa to his elf, déjà vu of an unforgettable night that took place almost two years ago comes crashing down on him.

The attraction between Brock and Paul grows to fevered levels while a runaway teen pulls at both men’s heartstrings. Will they be able to put aside their ardent attraction and channel some holiday magic in order to grant everyone’s Christmas wish, or will their stockings be filled with nothing but coal?

Paint Your Balls by Chris McHart:
The lives of the heavenly beings that have a one-day-a-year job can become a bit dull. But when Santa’s reindeer fall ill on Christmas Eve, his life becomes anything but, so he reluctantly turns to the Easter Bunny for help.

Bunny harbors a long-time, secret crush on Santa and decides to take advantage of the request for help by offering an exchange. He wants Santa in his bed. Little does he know, Santa has discreetly lusted after him, but the man in red decides to teach the attractive Bunny a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Who will make the next move, and how will both men play the game? Will they be naughty or nice? In the end, could both men finally get what they desire?

Catching Santa Claus in the Act by Meg Bawden:
It’s Christmas Eve and Rowan Wayne has the task of babysitting his nieces. While he’d rather be out partying and having a one night stand with a sexy footballer, his nieces have always come first.
The last thing he expects is a thief entering his brother’s house in the middle of the night. Except the thief claims that he isn’t robbing the house, rather delivering the presents because he’s Santa Claus. Rowan thinks the reasoning is absurd, until he discovers this Santa Claus is the sexy guy from college, Christian Kringle.
Finding it hard to fight his attraction to the handsome Santa, Rowan isn’t sure what to believe. What will he do when he finds out Christian is equally attracted to him?

The Duke of Dickdom’s Desert Sojourn by S.A. Garcia:
Porn star Jason Rapier, aka “The Duke of Dickdom,” is suffering a dreadful day. Romantic rejection, deer assault, and career chaos are topped by his Porsche dying in the desert on Christmas Eve. Happily a special present guaranteed to inject the ho-ho-ho back into Jason’s holiday season is a mere service station away.

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Expanding Horizons100

Expanding Horizons

Can Ryan and Julian accept each other’s desires and wishes or will they be miserable during Christmas?

After a year and a half together, Ryan and his Dom Julian are still happy and finally married.
Shortly before Christmas, though, Julian brings something up he’s dreamt of before. He wants to play in public with Ryan. His partner is totally against it and suggests something else. Before they know what happens, they have the biggest fight on their hands. Instead of getting ready for a second Christmas together, they’re angry at each other. They both have to step back, make up their minds, and apologize before they spend the holidays being miserable.

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Tivi’s Dagger by Alex Douglas


Author Name: Alex Douglas

Book Name: Tivi’s Dagger

Release Date: December 2, 2015


The son and heir to a noble, Nedim Melchion has always been used to the more illicit pleasures in the high society of the Divine Kingdom of Lis, where laws are harsh and punishments harsher. So far his money and status have protected him from the grim realities of life…but now that the Protectors who police the land have a new leader, life has taken an unwelcome turn for the worse.

What could be more unfashionable for a noble in his prime than being forced to wear a pilgrim brown tunic while trudging through the dangerous mountain kingdom of Methar to pay homage to the Gods at an ancient shrine? Bound to serve by a Rite invoked by his devout older brother, Nedim can do nothing but count the footsteps until he can get back to his friends, his favorite tavern and his decadent ways. But as he and his traveling companions are guided through the land of the love gods by a handsome young monk, will Nedim find reason to change his ways?

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The Right Kind of Woman by Voss Porter

Today I have something special for you. Please welcome Voss Porter with her lesbian romance on my blog!
rkow - c-3

Author Name: Voss Porter

Book Name: The Right Kind of Woman

Series: Southern Lesbians

Book: One

Release Date: December 10, 2015


Just when free-spirited farm girl, Cara Spencer Holloway, feels the regulatory world of her closeted, Southern enclave will swallow her whole, her three miscreant brothers team up to carelessly throw her together with regimented, Northern software designer, Dre Martin, on a misguided stop en route to Florida. One steamy stop leads to another and soon the two women will learn more about what the right kind of partner can bring to life than they had ever suspected, but can Cara Spencer move forward and out of the pain of her past, or will she succumb to the doubts that have plagued her romantic life from its very inception?

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Number One/Nummer Eins

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to you all!
The German version of my Christmas Short Story ‘Two Ruined Christmas Eves’ released on Friday and something awesome happened: I made it to the top of the bestseller lists. My sweet, short Christmas read spots the Bestseller Icon on Amazon!
Believe me when I say I stared at the page, not knowing what to do now. Then, I did a happy dance. Never, ever did I think I would manage that. I’m still afraid I’ll wake up every moment, but for the last days, the story has been up there, sitting at the top, so I might be awake.
Every time someone looks at the bestseller list, they see my story. I can’t even begin to describe how it feels. My other stories hit the #100s, but I never had a bestseller before. It’s amazing.
I even pushed Andrew Grey’s story down to number two and hit the overall Romance Top 100.

The English version is still on #65 in the US, which makes me happy as well. This has been one of the best releases so far, and I’m still checking the screenshots I took, because I still can’t believe it. A huge, huge thank you, to everyone who bought it, read it and reviewed it. Thank you from all my heart. You guys are so awesome. You made my wish come true. ❤

I can’t think of a better way to end this year and start the new one. (Yeah, the year is not over yet, but still. It’s December)

As you’ll see, I’ll be blogging in English and German from now on. Eventually, this will be two blogs, but for now has to work. Also, brand new is my mailing list. You can sign up here, in order to get sneak peeks, discounts and so on. (Please note that I would never use your email addy for anything else!)

Thank you again. YOU GUYS ROCK!!


Ich möchte euch allen DANKE sagen!
Die deutsche Version meiner Weihnachtskurzgeschichte ist Freitag erschienen und es ist das Unvorstellbare passiert: Sie wurde ein Nummer Eins Bestseller. Meine sexy Kurzgeschichte trägt jetzt das Amazon Bestseller Schildchen.
Glaubt mir wenn ich sage, ich habe ewig auf die Seite geschaut und hatte keine Ahnung was ich tun sollte. War das ein Fehler? Hatte ich das alles nur geträumt? Ich habe es vermutet.
Die Geschichte ist immer noch auf Rang 1, also glaube ich nicht, dass ich noch schlafe, aber alleine mir vorzustellen, dass jeder, der in die Bestsellerliste schaut als erstes mein Buch sieht… das kann man nicht beschreiben.
Ich habe sogar Andrew Greys Buch auf Platz 2 verdrängt und war in den Top 100 der Liebesromane. Dieses Gefühl ist einfach unbeschreiblich. Ohne euch wäre das nicht gegangen.
Meine vorherigen Geschichten haben es in die #100 geschafft, aber das hier war noch viel besser!

Danke Euch, dass ihr mir diesen Wunsch erfüllt habt. Ich kann es immer noch nicht richtig begreifen, noch dazu, weil die Englische Version auch immer noch #63 in den USA ist. Ihr seid alle sowas von Spitze!  ❤

Das ist absolut der beste Weg, dieses Jahr zu beenden. Ich weiß dass wir noch ein paar Tage haben, aber trotzdem.


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Es ist soweit

Doppelt Ruinierter Heiligabend - Chris McHartMeine erste deutsche Veröffentlichung ist auf Amazon erhältlich. Ich kann euch nicht sagen wie nervös ich bin.


Am Heiligabend sollte der Volksmusikstar Jonas eigentlich den bisher größten Auftritt seines Lebens im Volksmusikstadl haben. Stattdessen bremst ihn starker Schneefall auf der Autobahn aus, sodass er viel zu spät kommen wird.

Fritz muss seine Großeltern in die Heiligabend-Vorstellung des Volksmusikstadls begleiten — für ihn als Metalfan eine Katastrophe.

Als die beiden ungleichen Männer sich treffen, funkt es plötzlich gewaltig. Ist dieser Heiligabend etwa doch nicht ruiniert?





My Secret Santa Billionaire by Meg Bawden

I proudly present: The awesome Meg Bawden with her very first release, My Secret Santa Billionaire!
Secret Santa

Author Name: Meg Bawden

Book Name: My Secret Santa Billionaire

Release Date: December 3, 2015


Beckett Henry doesn’t believe in giving or receiving Christmas presents. Growing up in a poor family, he’s had to see the guilt on his parents faces every year when they couldn’t provide him and his brother the fancy toys the other kids received. Not to mention the teasing from the other kids every January. The only bright spot of the holidays was when Asher Holden visited them and they all played together without any toys.

Asher is his brother’s best friend and they’d all grown up in the same neighborhood. He’s had a crush on the other man since puberty, but he’s never had the guts to say or do anything about it. Now, Asher is the owner and CEO of Holden Marketing, the company Beckett works for, and a relationship between them will never happen. Not only have they been friends for too many years, but there is a strict company policy against inter-office dating. He couldn’t imagine what they’d say if their CEO dated the creative manager’s P.A.

With the Christmas season fast approaching, Beckett is getting ready to get the following weeks over and done with when he gets a surprise—a Secret Santa present arrives on his doorstep! As more presents start to arrive, Beckett struggles to figure out who could be sending them, or what to do with them.

Will Beckett be ready when his Secret Santa is unveiled?

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Releaseday: Scenes from Adelaide Road by Helena Stone

COVERScenes from Adelaide Road

By Helena Stone

About the book:

Can a young man find the courage he never knew he had when faced with losing everything he holds dear?

A few months before his final exams in secondary school, nineteen-year-old Lennart Kelly discovers he’s inherited a house on Adelaide Road in Dublin from a grandfather he never knew. Having been ignored, bullied and abused for as long as he can remember, Lennart can’t wait to leave behind his father and the small town he grew up in. Moving away as soon as he finishes his exams doesn’t cure his deep-rooted insecurities though.

Meeting twenty-three-year-old Aidan Cassidy in a gay club on his second night in Dublin, scares Lennart. Used to being ignored and ridiculed, he doesn’t trust the attention he receives and can’t believe a man like Aidan could possibly be interested in him. It takes infinite patience and understanding from Aidan to slowly coax Lennart out of his shell.

But the past refuses to stay where it belongs and Lennart’s father is determined to take the house in Dublin off his son by whatever means necessary. Just when Lennart is learning to trust and embrace life, a violent attack threatens everything he holds dear. Suddenly Lennart is in danger of losing his house, the man he’s grown to love and maybe even his life. If Lennart wants to protect Aidan and safeguard his future, he’ll have to find the courage he never knew he had.


Release date:

  • General Release: December 1, 2015

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Pages: 188

Genre: Contemporary Romance / MM / NA

Buy links:

Pride Publishing               Barnes & Noble


Link to book trailer: YouTube




We didn’t talk as we walked up the stairs or while we crossed the landing. I gestured for Aidan to walk into my room first, followed him in, turned, closed the door and froze. Panic settled deep in my stomach. What the fuck am I doing? The question screamed through my mind.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

His breath caressed my shoulder. He stood just behind me. I imagined I felt his body heat on my skin.

“We don’t have to do this.”

Yes we do. I needed to follow this through so badly it hurt. I had to find my way back to the heat-driven confidence I’d felt before we’d climbed the stairs.

Aidan’s embrace restored some of my inner peace. His arms around my waist made me feel safe and his naked body, softly pressing into mine, underscored how badly I wanted this closeness and yet I still couldn’t bring myself to speak or turn around.

I grabbed one of his hands and pulled it lower until it touched my straining cock. My body might be able to tell him what I couldn’t bring myself to put into words.

“Okay.” He chuckled behind me. “So it’s not that you want to stop.”

“No, please don’t stop.” His gentle strokes sent waves of pleasure through my body.

“I won’t, unless you ask me to. Tell me what’s wrong though.”

My cheeks heated up as I tried to formulate an intelligent answer before blurting out the truth. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Look at me.” He released my cock and turned me around before resting his forehead against mine. “You don’t have to do anything. You can’t really get this wrong. If it feels good, it is good.”

His lips caressed mine. When his tongue traced the outline of my mouth, my fears evaporated and I pushed in closer, looking for the intimacy I’d never experienced before and craved like life-sustaining sustenance. His chest hairs tickled my bare body. When our cocks made contact heat flashed through me. The last of my fear evaporated as curiosity grew stronger.



About the Author:


Helena Stone can’t remember a life before words and reading. After growing up in a household where no holiday or festivity was complete without at least one new book, it’s hardly surprising she now owns more books than shelf space while her Kindle is about to explode.

The urge to write came as a surprise. The realisation that people might enjoy her words was a shock to say the least. Now that the writing bug has well and truly taken hold, Helena can no longer imagine not sharing the characters in her head and heart with the rest of the world.

Having left the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam for the peace and quiet of the Irish Country side she divides her time between reading, writing, long and often wet walks with the dog, her part-time job in a library, a grown-up daughter and her ever loving and patient husband.


Helena can be found in the following places:


Author website      GoodReads   Facebook     Twitter        Pinterest