Maddy Christmas Teaser: The Duke of Dickdom’s Desert Sojourn by S.A. Garcia

Design Concept 1 - bThe first teaser for you:

Jason gazed out the window watching the snowflakes drift on the strengthening breeze. He snuggled down deeper against the expensive mattress and male warmth. A quiet after-sex cuddle felt perfect. Sweaty on-set sex never involved cuddles unless a sensitive writer included the concept in the script.

A sensitive porn writer was a rare beast.

Xavier’s muscular body radiated heat against Jason’s right side. Mmmm. His fuck buddy’s raspy breathing sounded close to sleep again. After Jason arrived at Xavier’s last night, they ate a quick sushi dinner, hopped into bed, and fucked each other on and off, supplementing sex with naps. This morning a snooze appealed to him. Still watching the snow through half-shut lashes, he nuzzled against Xavier.

A vicious thud filled the air. A large black bird—Jason couldn’t tell a raven from a vulture—swirled away from its slam against the picture window. The ebony shape contrasted against the snowflakes. A few feathers stuck to the wet glass.

Xavier jerked awake, staring at Jason with crossed-eyed irritation. “Wafuckwas that?”

“Some huge black bird bashed into the window. How freaky.”

“Weird. It must have misjudged because of the snow. Too many stupid turkey vultures around here. Geesh, I’m tired. You wore me out, bitch.” He shifted against Jason. “But since we’re both awake again…” He wandered his long fingers over Jason’s stomach.

The opening notes of “God Save The Queen” split the air.

Xavier raked his blunt nails across Jason’s skin. “What the fuck is that silly noise?”

“Sorry, it’s my agent—he warned me he might call this morning.” Jason sat up and grabbed his phone off the bedside table. Shit, he needed to recharge the battery. “Ian, any news?”

“Yes, crumpet, I finally saw the script. The working title is A Sticky Thrust, which is dreadful.” Ian’s British accent turned the word into a one-hundred car crash. “The story is set in 1930s Paris. You star as the coach of a dashing fencing squad, trying to escape kidnapping. An evil Turkish brothel has it in for you and your fair fencers due to some insult visited upon them by a long-dead relative. I’m still not sure who is related to the duffer—Dante is still working out the logistics.”

“The story sounds over the top.” Jason wiggled away from Xavier’s tickling fingers.


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